What is a trigger

Triggers is a way to automatically start new checklists. Checklist templates can have up to 10 different triggers. Each trigger can have it's own properties for how new checklists should be named, due dates and who should be assigned to the checklist.

Each trigger specifies who should be assigned to checklists started from the trigger and can override the name, description and due date properties of a checklist template. This allows you to have different triggers starting checklists for different people with different due dates and names depending on your needs.

There is three types of triggers you can add to a checklist template, Date & Time, Webhook and Manual.

Date & Time trigger

Date & Time triggers allows you to schedule checklists. For example, you can schedule new checklists to start the last Friday of every month, or once every quater.

Webhook trigger

Webhook triggers allows you to start a checklist from another system, each webhook trigger have a unique URL that any system can make a requests to and that will start a new checklist.

Manual trigger

Manual triggers allows you to add a trigger to a checklist template that you can manually trigger. Because all triggers can override the properties of a checklist this is a good way to manually start checklists with different properties for different people.