Manage team labels

Labels is a way to organize your templates, you can assign one or more labels to a template to easily find and categories your templates within a team. Labels have a name and a color to be easily identifiable. 

All labels are team specific, this means that labels is created for a team and everyone in the team can see all labels. Labels are showed in the sidebar under the team name.


All labels can be created either from the team settings page or created directly when added to a template.

To create, edit or remove a label from the team, go to the team settings page by clicking Team Settings in the action menu from the team page.


From the Team Settings page click on Labels.


From there you can create new, edit existing or remove labels.



Create a new label

To create a new label, click on Add new label, give the new label a name and select a color, and then click Add label.


By adding a new label from the team settings page, it will not be assigned to any templates. This article describes how to assign labels to templates.

Edit a label

To edit a label, click on the label name in the list of labels.


From this page you can change the label name and color.


Remove a label

Removing a label form the team settings, will remove from the team and from all assigned templates.

To do this click on the label and click Remove label. Alternatively you can also open the action bar for the label by clicking on the 3 horizontal dot icon on the right side of the label and click Remove label.