Understand and manage permissions

Firesub uses a simple and easy to understand, yet powerful permission management.
Permissions in Firesub are always applied within a team. Different permissions can be set for multiple teams and they have no effect on each other.

There are two ways to control who can view and perform what action, permissions and roles.

Team Permissions

Permissions are settings within the team you can use to specify who can perform what action.

You can specify which role is required by team members to add and remove members of the team.

You can also specify which role is rewired to add, edit and remove templates within the team.

To change permissions for a team, go to the team settings by using the action menu from the team page. 

Then select Permissions from the list of options.

In the flyout, you can specify which role is required to perform each of the action.


Team Roles

Each member of a team has a role. There are two types of roles a member can have, either member or admin. All new team members are automatically given the member role.


Admin role

The admin role gives the user complete access to the team, they can view and perform any action, they can also see all checklists in progress, even the checklists they are not assigned to. They can upgrade the team to Premium and manage billing settings, they can also remove the entire team and all data associated with the team.

Member role

The member role, let's a member view the team and all it's templates, they can start new checklists but only view the checklists where they are assigned.

Based on the team permissions, they can be allowed to add and remove team members, add, edit and remove templates.

Members with the role member can not change the role of other members, change team settings or remove team admins.

Change the role for a team member

To change the role for a team member you are required to have the admin role.

Go to the team page and click on the member you want to change the role for.

Select Set team role from the action menu.

Select the new role for the member. 

The icon with two arrows pointing up on the top left side of the profile photo indicate that the member is a team admin.


Template permissions

For each template you have the option to override the team permission settings for what role is required to edit and remove a template.

You override these permissions by going to the template page, and select Set permissions from the action menu.

All templates inherits the permission form the team settings by default. But here you have the option to set the permission on each template individually.