How Firesub works

Firesub is built around the concept of reusable checklists. This is front and center and everything in Firesub is built to make this as easy to use as possible.

There are a few concepts that might need some explaining.


A team is a collection of people and templates, this is where you add team members and templates.


A template is a checklists with tasks. You start new checklists from the template and the new checklist will have the exact same tasks as the template. When starting a new checklist from a template you can name the checklist and select whom in the team should be assigned to the new checklist.


Checklists is always based on a template. It has the same tasks as the template, but the tasks can be edited within the checklist without affecting the tasks in the template.

The tasks are performed and marked as completed by the people assigned to the checklist. When the checklist is considered completed a person assigned to the checklist mark the whole checklist as completed.


Triggers is a way to automatically start new checklists from a template. You can add one or more triggers to a template, specify what event should be used as the trigger, e.g. you can add a scheduled trigger to start a new checklist the last Friday of every month.


Outcomes is a way to add a action that should take place whenever a checklist is completed, you can add an outcome that notify some people by email that the checklist is completed, or have an outcome that requires the user to provide a comment before a checklist can be marked as completed.