What is a template

In Firesub a template is a checklist containing tasks that is used as the base whenever you perform a checklist.

Every time you start a new checklist it needs to be based on a template. All tasks and properties on the template is copied to the new checklist. This means that you can still edit a checklist without changing the template used to start the checklist.

You can set different properties on a checklist like due date, task order, task requirements, checklist naming and more. Some of these properties will be copied over to the new checklist, for example due dates set on a template will be copied over to the checklist. Other properties like checklist naming is only used for the template and how it should behave. For example setting the checklist properties on a template determines what names new checklists should have.

Changing a template will not effect already started checklists, e.g. if you add a new task to a template that task will not be added to checklists already started, it will only be added to new checklists.