Set the default name for new checklists

When you start a new checklist from a template you have the option to name the new checklist. For example if you have a new employee on-boarding template, you might want to add the date in the name of all new checklists started from that template.

With templates you can set how new checklists should be named by default, you can add formatting to automatically insert certain text into the checklist name.

To set the default checklist name go to the template page and click on Set checklist naming in the action bar.

This will display a flyout with two input fields, one for new checklist names and one for new checklist descriptions.

You also have a list of available formatting variables you can use in the checklist name and description.

To use variables you type the variable name between { and } in the input fields. This will replace the variable with the associated value, e.g. a date. 

With the checklist naming set on the template all new checklist will be named using the formatted name and description.