Assigning people to tasks

You can assign people to specific tasks in a template. By assigning one or more people to a task only they are allowed to complete the task when performing a checklist.

This is a good way to assign responsibility and accountability to specific people when performing checklists.

To assign people to a task go to the template.

Click on the task you want to assign people to, this will show you the task page.

In the task page header, click on the icon with a user and a plus, this will bring up a list of all team members. Click on the people you want to assign to the task. After you have selected the people you can go back by clicking on the left arrow in the header.

In the task page, you now see who is assign to the task.

When viewing the template you see the profile photo of the people who are assigned to each task.

In the template header you also see all users who have tasks assigned to them. The number in the bottom right corner of the profile photo shows how many tasks the person is assigned to in the template.

When you start a new checklist from a template where people are assigned to tasks the people will be pre selected to be assigned to the new checklist.