Tasks results

Task results is a way to gather addition information when a task is marked as completed.

You can add up to 10 task result options that the person completing the task can choose between. 

For example, you might have a task that can be either Approved or Not approved. Then you would add two tasks results, one for Approved and one for Not approved. When a person has completed the task they must choose to mark the task as Approved or Not approved.

To add task results to a task, open the template page.

Open the task you want to add task results to.

Click on the Set task results... button, this will open the page where you manage task results for a task.

Click on the Add task result button to add the first Task result to the task.

In this example we are adding the task result Approved. To save the task result to the task click on the Add task result button. Repeat the step to add additional task results.

Now we have two task results, Approved and Not approved.


Performing a task with task results

When you perform a checklist and completes a task that has task results a flyout will open with a list of all task result options.

To select a task result you click on the circle to the left side of the task result. This will now set the task as completed with the task result.