Adding rich content to a task

In Firesub you have the ability to add rich content to a task when you need.

We support something called markdown, which  is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax.

To add rich content to your task, open the template page.

Then click on the task you want to add rich content to.

Click on the Add a description... button in the flyout.

This takes you to the Edit task page. In the description field you can add markup formatted text that will be converted to rich content when you click the Update task button.

Below the input form you can view a list of supported formatting syntax.

This syntax will be displayed as the following on the task page.


On the template page you can see which tasks has description by text icon right under the task name.


Supported formatting syntax

First Level Header

This is a header

Second Level Header

1:1 Sub header





Horizontal Rule



- One
- Two
- Three


1. One
2. Two
3. Three


[Link text](


![Image title](