Adding a outcome to a template or checklist

To add an outcome to either a template or checklist go to the template page or checklist page and click on Set outcomes from the action menu.

Adding a outcome to a template.

Adding a outcome to a checklist.

In the rest of this article we will set outcomes to a template as an example. It's the same process to set outcomes to a checklist.

This will open a flyout where you add and manage outcomes for the template.

Add an outcome, click on the Add outcome button.

Select the outcome you want to add, in this example we will add a Comment outcome. Click on the Comment outcome in the list. A comment outcome let's people who completes a checklist leave a written comment. 

The comment outcome is now added to the template. On this particular outcome you have two options you can choose between, set the comment to be optional or required.

Optional let the user leave a comment if they wish while Required forces the user to leave a comment before the checklist can be marked as completed.

After adding outcomes to a  template you see a small icon with two arrows pointing left and right with a number on the right indicating the template has outcomes and how many.