Group tasks together

You can group tasks together in a template with the use of a task heading. For example if you have some tasks you need to perform in a preparation stage, you can add a Preparation heading on top of thous tasks.

There are two ways to add headings to tasks.

Method 1

When adding a new task to a template or checklist click on circle icon on the left of the input field.

This will change the type to a heading item instead of a task item.

After adding a heading you can add more tasks that "belong" to the group of tasks.


Method 2

Create a new task with the name you want for the task heading.

Click on the action bar button on the right side of the task, this will bring up the action bar with actions you can perform on the task.

Click on the Set as heading button in the action bar to change the tasks to a heading.

electing this option will convert the task to a heading.