Resetting your password

You can reset your password in two ways, either you can do it without being signed in or you can do it from your account settings page while being signed in to Firesub.

Resetting your password without being signed in

From the sign in page ( click the question mark icon to the right in the password field.

This will take you to the reset password page, where you enter your email address associated with the account and click the Reset password button.

Firesub will now send you a email with a description on how to reset the password.

Clicking on the Reset your password link in the email will open the reset password page. This link is only valid for 4 hours from the time you started your reset password request.

From the reset password page you enter your new password, confirm that password and click on the Change password button.

You have now changed your password and are redirected into the app.


Resetting your password being signed in

While signed in to Firesub, click on the Settings in the sidebar. 

On the settings page, click on the Password option.

A flyout will be visible where you enter your new password, confirm password and your current password.

If you have forgotten your current password you need to sign out and follow the steps in the first section of this article, Resetting your password without being signed in.